Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Our Delectable Confections

Come to our shop in the heart of the Brewery District

Are you craving homemade fudge, penny candies or other chocolate goodies? Do you want to give your child’s teacher a beautiful gift basket? If you’ve been searching for exceptional homemade candies and other treats, look no further than So Sweet!! Candy Café in Utica, NY.

Locally owned and operated, we’re the sweets shop you don’t want to miss. We started at the local farmers market 10 years ago and eventually decided to open a brick-and-mortar shop. See what all the fuss is about – stop by our store today!

We make scrumptious delicacies for the child in all of us

Remember the feeling you got as a kid when you tore into a fresh piece of candy? Take a trip down memory lane by coming to So Sweet!! Candy Café. We’re an old-fashioned candy store, café and bakery in the heart of the Brewery District that’s chock-full of:
French Macarons
Specialty Chocolates
Homemade Fudge
Penny Candies
Specialty Coffee

Try a piece of our chocolate fudge or a chocolate-covered Nutter Butter Cookie before buying a cup of hot coffee. Once you taste some of our confections, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come to our shop sooner!

Hurry and preorder your gift basket today!

Whether you want a romantic gift basket for Valentine’s Day or a Christmas-themed basket for a co-worker, you won’t regret choosing So Sweet!! Candy Café for customized choices. We’ll discuss the type of gift basket you want before piecing everything together for pickup.

Call 315-765-6463 now to get started on your personalized gift basket.